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In order to buy Ikea kitchen cabinets, you need to have the design done on Ikea home planner. If you have time to play with it yourself, don’t get frustrated if you run across any glitches with the program. Ikea is constantly updating their home / kitchen planner software. It is not perfect but it will do the job. It will also provide you with the shopping list as well as the pricing list for Ikea cabinets that you wish to buy.

We can also help with the measurement and design of your Ikea kitchen. If you get it done by yourself or with help from others, you can simply email it to us to get an exact quote for assembly and installation of your Ikea kitchen cabinets per that plan.

For our installation customers, we can go over the shopping list to make sure that they have all the parts needed as kitchen planner often does not include everything that an expert Ikea kitchen installer knows is a must have.

You can download the Ikea home planner from Ikea’s website and try to do that part yourself. It works with both Mac and Windows. Make sure your ad block (if any) is disabled in order for Ikea home planner to work. If you have problems with the web browser you use, best advice I can give you is to try another web browser.


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One free option is to bring your exact kitchen measurements to Ikea’s kitchen department and use one of their computers to make your Ikea kitchen design. They will not do it for you, but will answer your questions and guide you through it. Depending on how busy they are, be prepared to wait some time to be helped.

Once your Ikea kitchen design is complete, make sure to save it under your username and password. That way, you can open it elsewhere and/or email it to others.

If you pay for your design, you should also get it via Ikea home planner, so you can save it under your account. Some companies try to hold you on their site so you don’t shop around. If you pay for the design than it is yours and they must give it to you. You should also receive the PDF file as an email attachment. You can print the plan with measurements (or forward the email) for, let’s say, countertop estimate etc.

I hope this information was helpful. Please contact us if you need our service.

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100% the scope of our business is design, assembly and installation of your cabinets. We can remove the old cabinets and make all needed cuts for fittings. Most customers go with hard surface countertops like granite / stone / quartz, so the undermount sink is mounted together with the countertop. You will just need a simple DW sink hook up done by a plumber or a handy man. We will make sure that all appliances can “dry fit” and have the exact space needed.



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