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Kitchen Craft LLC is a unique service that is exclusive in Ikea kitchen design, assembly and installation. We’re an independent Ikea kitchen installation service provider. Over many years in business, we maintained our great reputation. It is easy to check our record, expertise, reviews, and have no doubt that we are who we are. That is what we mean by: “For your peace of mind.”

When I signed the contract with IKEA Orlando as a certified Ikea kitchen installer – independent service provider, I made a career of it and devoted myself to providing superb service to customers all over Florida.

From day one Kitchen Craft LLC’s record with Ikea customers was always great. We were not fired, we were overtaken in a midst of a corporate restructure. If any of above statement is untrue, I would not be able to claim it in writing for all to see.  Their loss is your gain.  Now you can hire us directly. No middle man, no red tape. We don’t mind the competition as we know how good we are. There are also copy cats out there, but you can clearly see and double check who we are, and who they are not. My name or my company name is not hidden. It is proudly displayed for you to see and check easily. We are not Ikea’s kitchen installers, we are your ikea kitchen installers.

We are on a mission to prove that we provide excellent service in Ikea kitchen design assembly and installation, year after year and are here to stay.

Our Ikea kitchen cabinet service is here for the customers that want to hire us for the job. We don’t have a complicated corporate structure. Email us your Ikea kitchen design, done on Ikea home/kitchen planner and we will get back to you with an installation quote. If you need help with Ikea kitchen plan or ikea kitchen design, we offer those pay services as well in a limited area…


Kitchen Craft LLC was offering ikea kitchen measure, plan, assembly and installation services in Florida even before iKEA opened its first store in the state. We are here today and still servicing most of Florida as your ikea kitchen cabinet installers. We had a 4 year direct contact with Orlando IKEA store before they switched to corporation that tried to overtake my company by imposing 40% fee and non-compete contract on me in order to stay with iKEA. It was a corporate takeover via proxy attempt. They din't want to negotiate percentage and as we didn't want to sign a non compete with any third party we were pushed out on the street. 

Hence we are available to you only direct and not via iKEA stores. Apparently they see us as unwanted competitor and often times defame and slander our superb service and reputation to the customers by claiming opposite of the truth. This has been going on for years and we have many proofs and they know it. I complained to corporate many times before and my attorneys sent an official Cease and Desist Torturous Interference letters to iKEA stores as well as corporate and their attorneys. No change. Please check with us if you had such experience at the store and we will set the record straight for you. Huge corp against small biz...

Your Trusted Local Ikea Kitchen Installer

We love what we do and my crew doesn’t mind driving in the Sunshine State to service customers that want our service. If you send an email about hiring us, we will reply the same day.  Kitchen Craft LLC Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installation Service. Independent service provider. Available to all "we the people" without any shenanigans or corporate runarounds. 

We don't sell anything.  No selling or up-selling, no rush, no tricks or deceptions of any kind.

We are busy and honest business and we always aim to make it simple, effective and efficient. I receive many calls each week from people who tried to DIY, trusted that a handy man can do it, and / or trusted someone who claimed that they can install any kitchen! I can repair my car myself, but I know better and take it to an expert when it needs service. Professional service exclusive in ikea kitchen cabinet assembly and installation is 100 % scope of our business. Expert Svc. 

 We don’t do partial installations or repairs.

$1,000 ikea cabinet install job is our minimum. 

Sektion kitchen cabinet assembly and installation is what we do, day in and day out, all year round. We come in on time as scheduled we finish the installation of your Ikea kitchen cabinets and finish carpentry and we move on to another job. We are very fast and efficient, as nobody has more practice and expertise with Ikea kitchen cabinet assembly and installations than we do. Our ikea kitchen installers are true pros. 

My team is experienced in all aspects of Sektion cabinet assembly and installation and customization.

 We don’t subcontract the jobs. If you hire Kitchen Craft LLC to install your Ikea kitchen, that is who you are dealing with, that is who is entering your home, and that is who guarantees that job is done right. Always. 

Certified kitchen installer, screened, licensed and insured professionals, verifiably stellar small business reputation. Experts in Ikea kitchen design, assembly and installation service. As simple as that. Not IKEA's, we are your ikea kitchen installer. When you buy ikea kitchen it is your ikea kitchen. Do yourself a favor and hire the proven company name. Kitchen Craft LLC

Even if you are doing the complete renovation or remodeling but want to make sure your ikea kitchen is installed correctly and efficiently you are better off insisting on us installing it rather than take a risk of your general contractor sub hire some inexperienced crew to attempt the task. If you want it done right and you want your kitchen to look good, work good and last a long time, do the smart thing and hire our expert team. Email your complete and finalized ikea kitchen plan done on ikea kitchen planner for a free quote from us. When and where available we may have someone to send for your kitchen measure and design for a fee. 

We don't work for IKEA and since they treated my company very bad I will not even try to sell you on their product and we can't answer generic questions. We are expert in ikea kitchen installations service for those that need such. Send us a plan for a free quote or inquire about the plan. 1-2-3. Expert service.

Sergio's Kitchen Craft LLC [email protected]

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