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First iKEA® Kitchen Installation Service in Florida | 

An Overview of Ikea’s Kitchen Base Cabinet System

IKEA SEKTION cabinets are the current versions offered by the company and installed by the only independent kitchen installer of IKEA brand cabinets — Kitchen Craft LLC. Previous versions of IKEA cabinets included AKURUM and Varde, but both are no longer available. The information below can change over time, so always check with IKEA for their current cabinet designs and availability.

SEKTION cabinets are built-in frameless cabinets with covered legs. Frameless refers to the fact that the cabinet doors completely cover the front of the cabinets. The legs are hidden by plinths (toe kicks). IKEA uses a model naming system for their cabinets: The first letters are SE for SEKTION, then the type of cabinet such as SB for a sink base cabinet, and the ending characters refer to the number of doors such as 2D for two cabinet doors. Other choices are shown below.

Base cabinets

Base cabinets are designed to be placed on the floor, thereby supporting countertops, sinks, free-standing microwave ovens, and so forth. SEKTION cabinets dimensions are:

Height — They are only offered in a 30-inch height, which results in a height of 34.5 inches when the legs are added. This is considered an industry standard for kitchen cabinets.

Width — Available in widths of 12, 15,18, 24, 30, 36, 38, and 47 inches. Most kitchen cabinets are 30 or 36 inches, with the smaller widths used to fill space and the larger widths being corner cabinet dimensions.

Depth — Depth refers from the front of the cabinet to the wall, and SEKTION offers 15, 24, and 24.75 inches. Standard cabinets are normally 24-inch in depth. 

Sink base cabinets don’t have drawers at the top since that is where the drop-in sink is placed. They are offered as:

  1. SE SBJ2D — A standard sink base with two doors; 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep.
  2. SE SBP2F — Contains one large drawer for trash or recycle bins; available in 24-inch or 36-inch widths and 24-inch depth.
  3. SE SBP3F — One lower drawer but not as deep as the SBP3F; available in 24-inch depth with 24-inch or 36-inch widths.
  4. SE SB1D — This is a one-door sink base that is 24 inches wide and deep.

Corner base cabinets
describe exactly what they are intended to do — fit the corners of the kitchen where two walls come together. They also can be a corner that extends to an L-shaped passthrough. You can order most cabinets either left-hand or right-hand opening doors to suit your kitchen layout. 
Here are the details: 

SE CBP — 47-inch wide cabinet with a pull-out carousel, SE CBC — 38-inch cabinet with a non-pull-out carousel, SE CBS — 47-inch wide with shelves, SE SBC — 38-inch cabinet designed for a corner sink.

Other considerations

Frame color — This more defines the interior cabinet color since the frames are covered in front by the doors or drawers, and will only be visible at the ends where they are not covered by an appliance. The choices are white or wood-look brown. 

Plinths and legs — They are both required for SEKTION cabinets so don’t forget them when ordering.

Doors and drawers — There are many styles to choose from, but they group primarily as Shaker-style, slab-style, raised-panel, or bead board-style. IKEA has unique names for each of these styles.

How can Kitchen Craft LLC help?

Kitchen Craft LLC is an independent installer who only deals with IKEA kitchen cabinets. We have been doing it for decades, and we have the expertise to give your kitchen a perfect IKEA look. Our installers are available throughout most of Florida, so give us a call if you are ready for an IKEA kitchen. We can offer you a quote based on your IKEA kitchen design. Contact us for more information by emailing



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