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Your IKEA Kitchen Installation (FAQ) Questions

Ikea kitchens door styles range from foil-coated MDF to solid wood.

1. Are frameless cabinets less sturdy?

They are not. They are very strong and meet all the standards!
IKEA uses 3/4″ MDF secured with confirm at screws as well as cam dowels and locks in the construction of the cabinet box. The back panel is 1/4″ hardboard and is secured by brads.

2. MDF is inferior to plywood?

IKEA uses 3/4″ thick MDF coated and edge banded in melamine veneer, which complies with E-1 standards. It is recycled compressed fiber. It is very strong and sturdy as well as environmentally friendly! Some very expensive German kitchens like Poggenpohl and Bulthaup to name just couple, also use MDF.

3. Drawer boxes are metal?

IKEA’s SEKTION Kitchen Cabinet Systems utilize Blum Tandem box drawers now Maximina, made specifically for IKEA. Once properly assembled, they are very strong, sturdy and easy to keep clean. Ikea also uses Blum (now Utrusta) hinges, known to be the best quality hinges and drawers in a world.

4. Are Ikea legs strong enough to support any countertop?

Plastic legs are rated for 275 pound weight each. They are also superior to shims when it comes to perfectly leveling cabinets.

IKEA is very smart and there is a very good reason why they use plastic legs and vinyl toe kicks. Moisture. Once covered nobody can see them, but if you ever have a leak those legs will not be damaged and there is some 4” of clearance. Washing floors is not a problem with ikea cabinets.

5. Are cabinets, doors and drawer fronts durable?

Yes! IKEA offers a 25 year warranty on their SEKTION Kitchen Cabinet Systems. Over 20 years and thousands of Ikea kitchens installed. I only get happy customers and positive input. Many repeat customers and referrals.

It’s extremely important to properly assemble and install it!

6. All IKEA cabinets are contemporary or modern?

IKEA has 4 cabinet style groups: Young, Modern, Country, and Scandinavian – each representing a distinct aesthetic.

7. Sektion Cabinet Configurations offers endless possibilities?

IKEA’s component system makes it possible to swap parts from one cabinet to another, creating your own custom cabinets from the standard parts. More can be achieved with a little modification.

As the added benefit, once you have Ikea cabinets, you can just replace the fronts if you want a different finish, so if anything, you have even more options. With new SEKTION kitchen cabinets IKEA also added more cabinet sizes as well as options.

8. Are inexpensive cabinets poor quality?

IKEA employs cost-saving measures on a corporate level to reduce the overall cost of production, manufacture, transportation, storage and merchandising their products. They are world biggest furniture manufacturer and all Ikea kitchens are high quality kitchens made in Europe. Boxes are now made in USA.

Ikea kitchens received JD Powers Best in Customer Satisfaction Award as well as great many others, year after year. Combine that with 25 warranty that Ikea offers for their kitchen cabinets and it’s a no brainer.

Some of the above-mentioned are examples of what I came across by a competition trying to misinform you in order to sell you more expensive cabinets. I believe they do so as they don’t know how to overcome the fact that Ikea kitchens are quite genius and are of excellent, unbeatable value.

I think it’s pretty slick that ikea removed the markings from drawers and doors and once countertops are placed and your kitchen completed it’s impossible to tell. 9 out of 10 people who don’t know ikea kitchens would never guess. Super slick and modern kitchens! Worthy of any price home.

9. Does Kitchen Craft LLC Ikea kitchen installation service offer removal of old cabinets and measure and design service?

Depending on your zip code and when you need it done. We service most of Florida for IKEA kitchen cabinet installation and limited area we can help with removal and or IKEA kitchen measure and plan / design.

One does not have to be expert in kitchens in order to remove the cabinets…

10. What is the cost for Kitchen Craft LLC Ikea kitchen assembly and installation service?

We are the expert service and we don’t deceive people with fake numbers.

Depends on a layout and work involved. If we design your ikea kitchen, we will provide exact installation quote. You can also email us your Ikea kitchen design / plan together with your zip code, for our installation quote.

If the work doesn’t change, the price we quote per plan sent, is the price you pay. We don’t play the upcharge game or any other games for that matter.

11. Do it yourself or hire a professional?

In over 20 years of experience, 8 out of 10 that try themselves or hire a handyman with no previous (proven) experience in ikea kitchen installations get stuck or have issues.

The ability to do a project yourself and the desire to do a project yourself are two very different things. Homeowners without building or construction experience have little knowledge about the remodeling process and the physical demands associated with remodeling.

Avoid heavy cost burdens and unfinished kitchens by hiring Kitchen Craft LLC. The difference between hiring Kitchen Craft LLC to do your job and some unknown, or unverified company is clear. For complete peace of mind, leave the assembly and installation of kitchen cabinets up to us.

DIY can also mean be the project manager. Hire the best in field!

Same goes for other projects. Best tile installers or painter etc etc.

If you need a general contractor, you can talk to them.

Our smart customers demand that their general contractor quote for all else but kitchen installation. If you let them know from the get-go that you want us to install your kitchen, then no problems.

It doesn’t matter how good they are or say they are. If they don’t have a lot of experience in ikea kitchen assembly and installation, there will be issues and delays and stress and all else. Don’t call us then.

We don’t do repairs or partial installations! They touch it they own it.

If you want it done right, hire the expert in that field.

12. Can I make my own Ikea kitchen design?

Yes you can. You can download Ikea kitchen planner from Ikea’s website and with a little time and patience (hmm little patience. glitches with program…:)) you can make your own Ikea kitchen plan.

Use Ikea kitchen planner in order to have the item list and pricing info for Ikea cabinets. You can also go to an Ikea kitchen department (with time and patience :)) and use one of their computers with Ikea kitchen planner to create your kitchen design.

Ikea kitchen personnel can answer your questions and help you make the design, but they will not do it for you. Those couple options are free. They can also send someone to measure and do a design of your kitchen for a fee, or you can take your measurements and notes and make an appointment with their store employees to make a design for you.

We are working on expanding the services and areas and our is not yet available everywhere or anytime.

13. Why hire Kitchen Craft, LLC?

We are experienced, reputed, and expert to perform professional, top-notch Ikea kitchen installations. Our team is made up of the most experienced and skilled professionals who can build you your dream kitchen.

We have the ability to be split into several teams if needed, that way we can jump in and help multiple customers who need our professional IKEA kitchen assembly and installation service. We pride in completing our Ikea kitchen installations in record time.

It is very easy to reach to us , and I try to make the installations happen whenever possible, often traveling to multiple cities. With a B.A. in Business and Management, time management has also been a large part of what I do on a daily basis for many years. Our business formula was made to service customers that need and want our service, and we always do a good job and do it efficiently. We are experts at what we do.

IKEA kitchen installers we can provide you the most expert and professional kitchen installation service. You buy an IKEA kitchen, it is your IKEA kitchen. If you need a professional installer, we are Your IKEA Kitchen Installer. Your IKEA kitchen warranty will not be void if Kitchen Craft LLC installs your kitchen! Guaranteed.

Our IKEA kitchen installation service area is about a 200-mile radius. Email us with any additional questions that you may have and we will get back to you.

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