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Best IKEA® Kitchen Installation
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It was very refreshing to deal with a contractor that delivers as promised and keeps it simple and professional. We heard about Kitchen Craft LLC from another customer while we were in the Tampa Ikea store. We called Sergio and he measured and designed our kitchen on Ikea's kitchen planner and gave us a reasonable installation quote. The price quoted was the price we paid. Kitchen Craft LLC came at the time we scheduled, and from the moment Sergio and his helper walked in, they knew exactly what to do with all the cabinets that came in 185 pieces/boxes. I immediately felt that I was in the right hands and I knew that I did the correct thing in hiring them. It seemed they worked without a break and in two days completed my kitchen installation as promised and to our full satisfaction. Honestly, my wife and I were quite impressed and have signed up to Angie's List so we can leave Kitchen Craft LLC a positive review that they absolutely deserve. We can recommend Sergio to anyone in the market for Ikea kitchen cabinets. We love our kitchen!

Brian Connell
Sarasota, FL

Made a well thought out plan for my kitchen, then installed the entire thing. Excellent work! Very responsive to telephone calls even while on vacation.

Susan Tschesnok
Sarasota, FL

Sergio and his team assembled my Ikea kitchen (drawers and cabinets) and then installed them into my kitchen in two days and it looks great! They arrived on time and were very pleasant to work with. Sergio helped me make some changes in my original plan and saved me some money. I was happy when their quote was 30% less than the installers IKEA uses. I know there is a big learning curve assembling IKEA kitchens from my last kitchen install. Sergio has that experience and he is onsite at every installation, personally working with his team. Plus, I saw on the Tampa news that he had volunteered his time to help a woman whose contractor had not completed the work and left her kitchen a mess. I like companies that help in their communities.

Nancy Cole
Tampa, FL

Sergio was wonderful to work with! He spent two days assembling and installing my kitchen. He even returned a few days later to install a small piece that was missing from my order. My kitchen looks amazing, I'm so happy that I used Kitchen Craft LLC!

Sara Lefkowitz
Largo, FL

Let me start this review by saying THANK YOU to Sergio. My wife and I decided to get a new kitchen for our condo in Miami Beach. We did our research and decided on an Ikea kitchen, at that time they were running a deal of 20% off. So getting the kitchen at Ikea was an easy decision. They also offered a service for measurement, planning and installation. We opted for the measurement and design of the kitchen and if we liked the outcome then hire them for the install. We felt on top of the world leaving the Ikea store with the schedule set for measurement design, it was going to be just like the TV commercial. At least that was what I was hoping for. After waiting for almost a month the measurement guy finally came to the condo, he measures the kitchen and we start talking about the design and what my wife and I wanted. Immediately this guy is saying no to the few things my wife wanted in her future kitchen. This guy is not listening to us. He had NO experience, as a matter of fact this guy started working for this company (Traemand) a few days ago and then he tells me that he is the" nephew "of one of the persons that runs this franchise in South Florida. My confidence in this dude is non existence. This Treamand company sent us an unprepared, inexperience, stubborn and arrogant personnel to work on our kitchen. About a week later we received the first design, it was ridiculous. Everything we talked about in the first in home meeting was totally ignore. After many phone calls, Texts and emails trying to convince this fellow to give us what i wanted in MY kitchen I drove to Ikea in Sunrise, FL and designed my kitchen in less than 2hrs. with the help of Ikea employees. It was really cool and no stress. Except that next time I went to look at the kitchen plans in the Ikea Kitchen planner the " nephew" change the plans according to him, without saving the ones that we worked on. It Really started to feel like a real nightmare, not cool at all. Now I need the installation . I knew at this point that Treamand and the" nephew" were not the people for my kitchen but I decided anyway to ask for an estimate for the job. The estimate was way more than the cabinets actually more than the whole order including handles, sink ,faucet etc. IT WAS AN INSULT... Then we found Sergio with Kitchen Craft , right from the beginning he answered all the questions We had and on its own took time to look at my kitchen drawings and suggested some changes right away . Keep in mind that at this point Im not a client yet. He also gave me an estimate right away which he got by just looking at the drawings. It was exactly what I ended up paying him. There was no bait and switch tactics ,no excuses why there going to charge you more, no delays. Just straight forward correct business. This guy is real deal. The day of the install Sergio arrived on time after driving for 3hrs. The work was done to perfection and only took one day. Not only is the kitchen that we wanted it is also perfectly installed and no scratches or dents. This guy really cares about his job, Sergio has A+ working standards which is what you expect and pay when hiring anyone. They took all trash out, clean and vacuum and explained to me how to do adjustments to the drawers if I needed to. Our decision to hire Kitchen Craft was the right one. My suggestion is to call Sergio and get on the schedule because that guy is getting super busy especially when Ikea does the 20% off kitchens. I hope that this review can help someone avoid all the B.S. I went thru.

Enrique Mora
Neptune Beach, FL

Excellent service from the first communication, very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. The Ikea software can be very quirky, at which point Sergio took over and handled the design with my input. The kitchen had to be perfectly installed as another company was coming to fit the stone counter tops and it was. I would thoroughly recommend this company and if in the future I have another kitchen installed I will call upon their services.

Jason Dennis
Orlando, FL

Arrived 1 hour early the first day of installation. I was confused and when I got to property he was waiting on me. Never complained... I own a construction company in Missouri and could not of been more pleased. Installation took 3 days which in Missouri would of taken a week. Excellent job cleaned up all mess broke down boxes so all I had to do was put a curb. Also had a great helper no nonsense type of guy, for example. On the second afternoon late in the day I took over a couple of beers for the and neither one would take it said they were on the clock can't say enough good about them. Have a condo at 1350 Main downtown and If I re-do the kitchen he will be who I use.. Not your typical contractor....

Steve Taylor
Sarasota, FL

What a pleasure to work with such professionals! They were early and worked straight through to get the project finished. One of the value added service is Sergio looked over my plans. He made several recommendations of things that needed to be changed. When I use him in the future, I will work with him before I place my order! One of the nicest things, was returning to complete the job. I didn't change the microwave cabinet as he had recommended so I had to change it. I also had a sink on backorder that arrived several days after he was finished. We schedule for the final work to be completed a week later. Sergio sent ( 2 hour drive) his assistant to help us and we were very grateful! Sergio's extensive experience, impeccable professionalism, and pleasant personality make Kitchen Craft the ONLY option for IKEA cabinets!!

Evan Alexander
Naples, FL

Kitchen Craft LLC, made my project a very simple process. Sergio gave me a quote for my Ikea kitchen installation, and we set the date. They showed up on time and from the start, I realized the team knew exactly what they were doing with 194 pieces!! that were delivered by Ikea. They worked two full days, all day, until my 18 kitchen cabinets were completely installed. Needless to say, I was impressed. They showed up, worked, cleaned up. No "extra charges" nor any shenanigans that I have experienced in the past (especially in S. FL) when dealing with home improvement contractors. They gave me a completion date and assured me that when I arranged for my granite counter top contractor to come in right after them, that all the cabinets would be perfectly leveled and ready for granite top. How many times have I been made a solid promise in the past by contractors and been let down? Not with Kitchen Craft. Sergio is a man of his word. I love my new Ikea kitchen and Sergio made the whole experience better. I strongly recommend Kitchen Craft, LLC for Ikea kitchen installation to anyone in the market for an Ikea kitchen.

Maryl Holley
Juno Beach, FL

Sergio and his team are the best! He is meticulous and a pleasure to work with. Extremely honest, fair and organized. You can't go wrong with Sergio. I have already recommended him to all of my friends.

Judy Maher
Bradenton, FL

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